Romantic Phrases to Use Before Proposing Marriage in English

It has been almost six months since your first date and you have discovered that they are just the person you were looking for. They are that someone that you have been waiting for, for such a long time, and with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. After spending day after day searching jewelry display cases for the perfect ring, it is time to find the right words to make your proposal great.

There is just one small detail: you don’t speak the same language. You are both from different countries with different first languages. In English, which both of you can handle, you have found a good point of communication. In the beginning it was a bit difficult, but you took advantage of the situation to practice. And now that you are sure that they are the person you want to marry; how can you ask that important question? What can you say and how do you say it? Do not worry. Many couples today have lived through the same experience and are now happily married. Just prepare yourself well and speak in the most natural way possible. Here are some tips and some useful phrases.

Preparing Your Speech

It is important that everything you say is authentic and comes from the heart. It does not matter if the language you use is simple, what matters is being original and sincere. Do not use pre-made sentences. Think about what you would like to say to them, the aspects of their personality that you value most, and how the fact of having met this special person has enriched your life. Here are some things you could include in your speech.

Your First Meeting

Try to remember the first encounter that you had. What were you doing? What were you thinking? What stood out? How were you both dressed? What did they say to you? Your partner will definitely appreciate that you still remember the first time you met in detail, because that shows that you care.


Do you still remember when we first met? I still remember your red coat and your striped scarf. You were so beautiful and charming!

The first time we met I was having such a difficult day at work. I entered that bar so angry, but when I saw you, the way you smiled at me made me instantly forget about all my bad mood!

What You Like About Your Soulmate

Think about the things that you like most, paying special attention to their inner qualities. What stands out about their personality? What would you like to do to be more like them? How do they complement you?

I really admire the strength you have and the passion you put in everything you do. I have so much to learn from you!

You make me so happy when you want to share my interests and come bowling with me even though you told me you never liked it. I really appreciate your efforts to please me!

The Moment You Knew How Much You Cared

Try to think about the moment in which you decided to propose. How did you know that this was precisely the person you were looking for? Where were you? Did something special happen to make you think that they were the right person? Perhaps it was the passion with which they cheered with you for your favorite Champions League team, or when they agreed to go out with you even though they had just spent 12 hours on their feet at work. Whatever circumstance it was that awoke in you the wish to spend the rest of your life with them, mention it in your speech.


Do you still remember the day we were walking by the seashore and you jumped in the sea laughing and started swimming with your clothes on? You were so funny and charming at the same time. That was the moment I realized that you were the one I love!

Do you still remember that day when you had programmed an excursion with your colleagues, but I had a cold and you gave up the tour and came to my house just to watch football with me? We had such a good time and then you fell asleep on the sofa. I felt like I could spend the rest of my life with you that day.

Your Common Goals

The decision to marry someone is not only the result of romance. While romantic love may be the most important aspect of marriage, there are also other aspects that need to be considered and that can influence your decision. What goals and values do you have in common? What elements make you the perfect team? Maybe both partners like to volunteer or both prefer large families. Mention how the aspects you have in common can strengthen and give sense to your union.


I like you and seeing just how much we can achieve together. We share the same dreams and goals. With your determination and my experience, we can accomplish a lot!

I never dreamed I would find someone who shares the same passion for Africa and photography as me. We are the perfect match!

The Sentences

We would like to make it clear, again, that your speech needs to be unique, natural, and sincere. Here are some romantic phrases to include in what you will say just before the important question: Will you marry me?

These are just some of the reasons why I can’t live without you anymore.

Is it surprising then if I feel that you are the one I truly love?

You deserve someone who loves you and respects you from the bottom of his heart. Will you allow me to be that man?

When I first saw you, I realized you were the one, and it has just been a matter of time proving it. My future is in your hands now.

When I think about you, I know there is no one else I can love the way I love you.

It has been great to find each other! I bet you are the one I can spend my life with. Will you let me prove it to you?

These are some ideas to create the perfect introduction to your proposal. If you need any advice for how to adapt the previous examples to your love story, you can take the English course offered by ABA English. Our native teachers are ready to help you and answer your questions. Are you ready to make your declaration of love perfect?

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