How to Order Vegan or Vegetarian Food in English

In many countries, the majority of typical dishes have products of an animal origin as their main ingredient. For this reason, it can be very difficult for those that are vegetarian or vegan to enjoy local dishes without risking eating something that goes against either their ethical choices or dietary preferences.

In a previous article, we already presented some useful phrases for interacting with the staff at a restaurant abroad, to be able to order without running the risk of not being understood. Today we will talk about vegetarian and vegan cuisine and will offer you a series of phrases that will help you to order local dishes in accordance with your choices in terms of food. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you will definitely find this guide useful.

Vegetarian Dishes

Good morning, do you have any specials without meat? I’m vegetarian.

I would love to have the fried rice. Is it possible to have it without chicken?

I am a vegetarian, but I would love to try something typical. Do you have any typical dish without meat?

I want to have paella but I am a vegetarian. Do you have an alternative to the traditional dish for me to try?

Vegan Dishes

Thank you for the suggestion, but this dish seems to have egg and I am not a vegetarian, I am a vegan, which means I don’t include any animal product in my diet. Could you suggest anything else for me?

I would love to have pasta, but as a vegan I don’t eat cheese. Do you have anything without cheese?

I like the fried rice but it has eggs and I am a vegan. Could you make it without eggs for me?

Is it possible to have a dairy free typical dessert?

Vegan Clothing

As a vegan, I don’t wear any clothes made from animal fiber and materials such as wool, leather, silk, goose feathers, fur and fur inserts.

I am absolutely against wool and fur. I prefer to wear veg furs, synthetic, ecological and cheaper.

I wear viscose and rayon but also the “vegan silk”, made from silk thread taken from discarded bug cocoons after the butterfly has left.

I don’t wear shoes made from leather. I choose shoes made from materials such as cork and vegetable skin.

Now that you know how to order your vegetarian and vegan dishes, you can enjoy the typical dishes you will find abroad without anxiety. You can also buy clothing and shoes as souvenirs while being certain that you are making a cruelty-free purchase. If you feel the need to practice your English more, ABA English is perfect for you as it offers 144 video classes and short films as well as qualified native teachers plus oral and written exercises.

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