Personal Pronouns with “to be” in the Present Simple

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Personal pronouns are paramount in English so that we know who is talking if no name is mentioned. Today we are going to focus on their uses and in particular, with the verb “to be” in the present simple tense.

Let’s have a look…

In English the personal pronouns are: I, you, he , she, it, we and they. We must ALWAYS use them when introducing a verb whether it is written or spoken..

The verb “to be” is the most important verb in the English language and needs to be learnt and memorised as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it’s irregular!


  • I am
  • You are
  • He/she/it is
  • We are
  • They are

What can we say with the pronouns and “to be”?

Once you memorise these and some vocabulary, you can explain many things including: where you are from, what you look like, your nationality etc.


  • I am British
  • She is tall
  • We are hungry

What is the next step?

As mentioned above, the key is to memorise the pronouns and their corresponding conjugations from the verb “to be” and once you have that, you can start memorising more vocabulary and creating bigger sentences.

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  1. I’m Polish but I live in France. You are from Europe ? She was in London last year.

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