Learn English with the News: “Zombies!”

Howdy amigos!

How are you this morning? The citizens of Colombia were terrified as zombies walked through their streets last night.

Let’s practice some English with this news article. You know what to do:

1. Read the text
2. Understand the vocabulary
3. Watch the video


Blood and gore on the streets of Bogota. The city’s Zombie Walk stopped traffic, closed roads and terrified residents – all for a good cause, says organizer John Carlos Ubate.

– We like horror movies and the idea is to show in a peaceful way that we are against violence in Colombia.

Around 2,000 people marched in Colombia – and participants were meticulous about looking as gruesome as possible.

– We like horror films a lot and everything about them. There was an invitation on Facebook and we decided to come.

As the popularity of the walking dead grows, zombie events are held all over the world. Singapore also celebrated the zany horror humor with its own Zombie Walk.

– It was tiring but amazing to be able to scare strangers.

– It’s a lot of fun to play the end of the world.

The phenomenon started in 2001 in Sacramento, California – and it doesn’t look like these zombies will rest any time soon.


Gore – violent images or scenes that show a lot of blood.

Marched – to walk with regular steps as a group : to walk in the regular and organized way of soldiers.

Meticulous – very careful about doing something in an extremely accurate and exact way.

Gruesome – causing horror or disgust.

Zany – very strange and silly.


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