English Vocabulary – Halloween II

It’s time to learn more Halloween related vocabulary. We hope you are relaxed and ready to learn. Try not to get too spooked out.

Jack-o-lantern – a pumpkin that has had its insides removed and a face cut into it for Halloween.

mask – a covering for your face or for part of your face.

moonlight – the light of the moon.

owl – a bird that usually hunts at night and that has a large head and eyes, a powerful hooked beak, and strong claws.

potion – a drink that is meant to have a special or magical effect on someone.

prank – a drink that is meant to have a special or magical effect on someone.

pumpkins – a large, round, orange vegetable used as food and sometimes as a decoration.

scare – to cause (someone) to become afraid.

shadows – a dark shape that appears on a surface when someone or something moves between the surface and a source of light.

skeleton – the structure of bones that supports the body of a person or animal.

skull – the structure of bones that form the head and face of a person or animal.

spell – a group of secret words that are believed to have magic power.

spider – a small creature that has eight legs and usually creates a web of sticky threads in which it catches insects for food.

spirit – the force within a person that is believed to give the body life, energy, and power.

spooky – strange and frightening.

treat’o’trick – a custom on Halloween in which children knock on people’s doors and say “trick or treat” when the doors are opened to ask for candy.

vampire – a dead person who leaves the grave at night to bite and suck the blood of living people.

warlock – a man who has magical powers and practices witchcraft : a sorcerer or wizard.

web – a net made from silk threads woven together by a spider.

werewolf – a person who sometimes changes into a wolf especially when the moon is full.

wigs – artificial hair that you wear on your head because you are bald or in order to change your appearance.

witch – a woman who is thought to have magic powers.

zombie – a person who moves very slowly and is not aware of what is happening especially because of being very tired.

If you’ve made it to the end of the post without getting too terrified, well done! If you’d love to learn some more English, sign up to the ABA English course to continue studying and improving your level of English.


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