Intermediate Grammar – To say and to tell

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Welcome to today’s grammar class. It is an intermediate class all about the verbs “to say” and “to tell”.  If you are not sure of your English level, take our test!

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To Say and To Tell

The verbs “say” and “tell”, as we are sure you know, have a similar meaning: “to express with the spoken words”. However, they are used a little bit differently.

Let’s find out how: with “say” we say something to someone. With “tell” someone something. Do you see the difference?


Say goodbye to John”

Tell John goodbye”

“Tell” is used in a few expressions, such as: to tell… the truth, a lie, a story, a joke or a secret.

To Say and To Tell in reported speech

We use reported speech to report people’s words and thoughts. We often use “say” and “tell” in the simple past in reported speech.

The past tense of “say” is “said” and of “tell” it’s “told”.

We usually use “tell” to say something to someone. We usually use “say” without a personal object.


“He told her he was not feeling well”

“He said he was not feeling well”

“Pauline said she liked fish and chips”

“Pauline told us she liked fish and chips”

Well done! You have just reviewed how to use the verbs “to say” and “to tell”, and know when to use each one.

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