Grammar for Beginners – Question words “which” and “what”

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You can find all this information, plus speaking, writing, vocabulary exercises and more on the ABA English Course Unit 18 –  An unnecessary Question.

Question Words

Do you remember all the question words in English? Let’s check:








Question words are very important, very useful and very easy to use. They’re used in questions to show what kind of information is wanted.

Questions with “What” and “Which”

“Which” is used when there is a choice and “what” is used in a more general sense.

For example:

“Which colour do you prefer?”

“What colour is your bedroom?”

These two question words can be a bit confusing, so, when in doubt, just use “what”.

Let’s look at more examples:

What do you want?”

What do you do?”

What do you like?”

What‘s your name?”

What time is it?”

What make is your car?”

Which is your house?”

Which did you prefer?”

Which is correct?”

Questions with “What” and “like”

There is a common sentence structure in English consisting of the words “what + like” and it is used to ask for a description of something.

Make sure not to confuse it with the verb “to like”.

For example:

What is the weather like?”

What is the hotel like?”

What is the food like?”

Unit 18 – An unnecessary Question

Well done! You just revised the grammar from Unit 18!

question words

In Unit 18- An Unnecessary Question, you will meet Mrs Summers and the Station Master. What was Mrs Summers doing that angered the Station Master?

By watching ABA Films, you will practice your listening comprehension. Record your voice and compare phrases to improve your pronunciation and gain fluency by interpreting different roles. You will also learn new vocabulary and review the unit’s grammar lesson.

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