Grammar for Beginners – Question Tags with the Auxiliary Verb “Do”

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When we are making question tags without the verb “to be”, we usually use the auxiliary verb “do” to ask for confirmation.

Question Tags with the Auxiliary Verb “Do” – Affirmative

If the sentence is negative, the question tag will be affirmative.


You don’t drink, do you?

He doesn’t speak French, does he?

They don’t work together, do they?

Question Tags with the Auxiliary Verb “Do” – Negative

If the sentence is affirmative, the question tag will be in the negative. It’s very simple!


I know you, don’t I?

You live in France, don’t you?

They dance really well, don’t they?

The expression “You know?”

This expression is often used in spoken, colloquial English as a crutch word when the speaker needs time to think.

Even though it is a question, we do not use the auxiliary verb “do”.


I’m not really interested in politics, you know?

Tomorrow is her birthday, you know?

This is my first time on a plane, you know?

Unit 24 – The Smoke

Good job! You just revised the grammar from Unit 24!

Teacher David explains how to make question tags with "do" ABA English

In Unit 24 – The Smoke, you will meet Ernest and Thomas. Ernest’s wife smokes a lot, doesn’t she?

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