Advanced Grammar – Compound Words with ‘Some’

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Compound Words with “Some”

A compound word is a word composed of two or more other words but with one single meaning. We can form several compound words with the word “some”.


Some + body = somebody”

Some + one = someone”

Some + thing = something”

Some + where = somewhere”

Remember that the word “some” is used in affirmative sentences, but we use the word “any” in negative sentences and questions. We will look at compound words with “any” in the next class.

The compound words “somebody” and “someone” have the same meaning. They mean “some person”.

Something means a thing that is not known, named, or specified.

Somewhere means in, at, or to a place not known, named, or specified.
Yay! You did it! Now you know all about compound words using “some”.

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