Eating out in English

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We all love to eat, in fact eating out is one of the most common pastimes for many people. That’s why here at ABA English we always try to make things easier for all of you, so let’s look at some vocabulary, and a conversation between a waitress and a diner about booking a table in a restaurant.

Waitress: Good evening, may I help you?

Guest: Yes, I would like to book a table please for this evening please.

Waitress: For how many people?

Guest: There will be six of us.

Waitress: Would you like a private dining room, or will you sit in the open dining area?

Guest: A private dining room sounds good, thanks.

Waitress: May I have your name please sir?

Guest: Certainly, my name is James Brown.

Waitress: OK, and what time would you like me to reserve your table?

Guest: 7pm please.

Waitress: I’m sorry Mr Brown but the restaurant is fully booked then, but we do have an open table from 8 pm onwards.

Guest: That’s fine, thank you.

Let’s look at vocabulary!

Waitress – female table server

Waiter -male table server

Book – to make a reservation

Private dining room – a private area where people eat

Open dining area – the open part of the restaurant where people eat

Fully booked – no available space or table

Where will you eat next?

Well everyone, we hope that this vocabulary and scenario have been very useful for you in terms of reserving a table and eating out in English. Remember to practise the vocabulary so that the next time you need to speak English in a restaurant, you are ready.

If you have any fun restaurant stories in which you had to communicate in English, we would love you to tell us about them in the comments.

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