Do you know what a ” Ghoti” is?

Good morning people of the Earth,

How was your weekend?

We discovered a new word: ” ghoti“. Do you know what it is? It means fish.

“Ghoti” is a constructed word used to illustrate irregularities in English spelling. As you all know, sometimes in English there seems to be no rules when it comes to spelling and pronunciation.

The “gh” in though is mute, the “gh” in tough is pronounced “f”.

So how does this word work?


But here’s what’s interesting:

The word “ghoti” could also be mute if we used the following examples:

  • “gh” as in though
  • “o” as in people 
  • “t” as in ballet
  • “i” as in business

Isn’t it interesting how much we can play with a language? At ABA English we play with language a lot too; because it’s so much easier to learn if we’re having fun.

Check it out HERE.

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