English Vocabulary: “What does the fox say?”


(that’s “howdy” in Spanish).

Maybe you have heard the new hit sensation on the radio, maybe you haven’t. The song “What does the fox say?” has become very popular over the last couple of weeks and we thought it was a great song to learn a little bit of English with.

So we will start by listening to the lyrics:

Animal Sounds Vocabulary

A lot of these are what we call onomatopoeia, they come from the sound we hear. And if you want, visit this website.

o-WHAT-DOES-THE-FOX-SAY-EXPERTS-facebookHiss – a sound like a long “s”.

Grunt – a short, low sound from the throat.

Roar – to make the loud sound of a wild animal (such as a lion).

Meow – the sound a cat makes.

Snort – to force air noisily through your nose.

Growl – to make a deep threatening sound.

Screech – a loud and very high sound.

Drone – a deep continuous sound (such as a bee).

Croak – to make the deep, harsh sound that a frog makes.

Chirp – to make a short high-pitched sound.

Tweet – to make a short, high sound.

Howl – to make a long, loud cry that sounds sad (like a dog or a wolf).

Squeak – to make a short, high-pitched cry or noise.

Bellow – to make a deep, loud sound.

Bleat – to make the sound that a sheep or goat makes.

Low – the sound a cow makes.

Quack – to make a loud sound (like a duck).

Bray – to make the loud sound that a donkey makes.

Woof – the sound a dog makes.

Gobble – to make the sound that a male turkey makes.

Hoot – the loud, deep sound made by an owl.

By the way, one of the funniest games you can play if you are with a group of people from different countries is ask them what sounds these animals make in their country.


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