Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns “this” & “that”

Are you ready to learn about demonstrative adjectives and pronouns this, that, these and those? Let’s get to it then.

In the English language there are four demonstrative words, which are either pronouns or adjectives.

They are commonly used to speak about people, things or animals. Let’s start off with demonstrative pronouns.

When things, people and objects are close to us we use:


This is my brother Mark.

These- plural

These are my friends, Jack and Tim.

However, if we want to indicate something further away we would use:

That-singular (further away)

That is my bicycle over there!

Those-plural (further away)

Those are his favourite shirts, please iron them well.

Now, let’s look at demonstrative adjectives. The same rules apply when referring to distance. They are commonly followed by a noun, for example:


This house is very big

These -plural

These shoes are really old, I can’t wear them

That-singular (further away)

That t-shirt is really pretty

Those-plural (further away)

Those boys are being naughty again.

Remember that when speaking on the phone to identify ourselves we say:

-Who’s speaking?

-This is Michael

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  1. The pronunciation of this and these? Because I read both equal.

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