Adverbs of time and place

In the past units you have studied all about adverbs. For example in unit 16 you learned about adverbs of frequency, in unit 75 you focused on adverbs of quantity, and finally in unit 83 we studied adverbs of manner. If you like, simply go back to those previous units to refresh your memory and then come back to this post to learn more.

In unit 84 we are going to learn about four more types of adverbs:

  • Adverbs of time
  • Adverbs of place
  • Adverbs of certainty
  • Connecting adverbs

Today let’s start with adverbs of time and place. Adverbs of time are used to say when something happens. They are normally used at the end of a sentence but may also be used at the beginning in certain cases.

I’m not working today.

Today I’m not working.

Let’s look at some more:


I’m working late tonight so I’ll meet you afterwards.


Has he forgotten his keys again?


If you feel sick come home immediately .


Before you leave please take out the rubbish.


Tomorrow I arrive early, so don’t wait up!


Finally she realised that she didn’t love him.


You are the last person to arrive, please close the door!


She hasn’t felt too good lately, I wonder what’s wrong?


You’re late for class again


Recently Mike has been working so hard at school


She arrived and then we went out.


It was my birthday yesterday. I turned 92.

Adverbs of place are normally used to say where something is, or where something happens. They are most commonly used at the end of a sentence, however in formal writing or literary texts you
may use them at the beginning of a sentence.


I saw the spider hanging above my head.


The boys ran around the tree.


They say there are large fish living below the ocean.


My keys are downstairs.


How many people are here?


The teacher is inside the classroom.


The children are sitting over there.


I’ll wait outside for you.


Wherever you go, I’ll be there!

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