ABA Film Teaser – Unit 106 Listening to music

It’s great to have you back!

Today we are going to have another little sneak peak into an ABA Film. A sneak peak is just a small clip of a movie that is released before the movie to give you an idea of what it is like.

When you open your ABA English course (you can sign up now for free!), you will see that each unit begins with an ABA Film. This is a short story that will teach you new vocabulary and will serve as a basis for the rest of the unit. After watching the ABA Film, you will then be able to finish the unit and do the speaking, writing, grammar and vocabulary exercises.

So what is Unit 106 about? Well, it is an advanced English lesson is about learning how to use “as well”, “in addition to”, “too”, “also”and so. They are connectors and essential to conversation.


The ABA Film in Unit 106 is called “Listening to music”.

It starts with two ladies listening to Maria Callas, an American-born Greek soprano opera singer. If you’d like to hear what she sounds like, click HERE. They both say they love to listen to the singer when they are driving. This is what they say:

“I love listening to her when I’m driving, at full volume”

 “Me too. I do it very often. I also listen to music when I’m travelling by plane or train”

One of the women says she listens to music all the time; the other says she cannot listen to two things at the same time… how about you? Can you listen to two things at the same time?

They then start talking about whether it is a good thing or a bad thing to multitask. But you’ll have to watch the film to find out!

Learning English with our short ABA Films is a great way to practice your listening skills. The ABA Films are filmed all over the world and will help you learn both American and British English, as well as various other accents.

Did you enjoy it? Here is another one: Unit 38 “Ben’s birthday.

And how about you: what music do you love to listen to?

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