Don’t worry, be happy!


Today we found a super simple chart to help you be a happier person and we want to share it with you.

Why Worry

Bob Marley was right when he sang “don’t worry, be happy!” because usually there is nothing to worry about: if you are unhappy and can change something, then do it, don’t worry and be happy! If you are unhappy and can’t change anything, then try to make the most of the situation!

For example:

“I am worried about my exams”

Can you do something about it? 

YES: study more!

“I am worried about going to university”

Can you do something about it?

NO: be strong and be yourself but worrying won’t help.

Now YOU give us an example of a situation where you chose to not worry and be happy!

And just to make today extra special, let’s enjoy Pharrell’s song “Happy”:


Hot air balloon – a large balloon that is filled with heated air and that floats in the sky with a basket underneath for people to ride in.

Clap along – to clap is to hit the palms of your hands together usually more than once. To clap along is to make the sound with the rhythm of a song.

Warn – to tell (someone) to do or not to do something in order to avoid danger or trouble.

Bring me down – make me sad or angry.

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