You are not alone

Olá, tudo bom?

(that’s “Hello, how are you?” in Brazilian portuguese).

Studying online has a lot of advantages: it’s flexible, you learn more because you study at the right rythm, you save time because you are not commuting or waiting for classes to start, you can review the same material many, many times…


Sometimes people want to study in a community.

This is why at ABA English we work hard to create a community so you can study online AND be surrounded by other students at the same time.

Our Facebook community grows every day with students from all over the world solving quizzes together, helping each other understand English, sharing their favourite books, favourite quotes and tips to learn better.

Join the conversation and remember that with ABA English:

you are not alone

So invite your friends to come visit us and they will learn more English, too!

If you are proud to be part of the ABA English community and want to tweet about it, click HERE!

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