What isn’t a spectator sport?

Good morning!

A spectator sport is something that people watch other people do without becoming involved themselves.

Do you know what is NOT a spectator sport? Learning! Because learning is active, we have to practice every day to get better.

A spectator sport is easy: all you have to do is watch. To learn English we must talk in English, read in English, write in English, sing in English, watch films in English, eat English food… no, that’s a joke! The more activities you do in English, the better you will get at the language.

So don’t be scared to get involved! Learning can be fun, so find the best way for you to learn!

What’s your favourite way of learning?

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  1. Absolutely true…..learning must be an active process and involve as many senses as possible,so that our mind can record in depth. Passive studying is not learning, just like watching a film on TV and getting asleep eh eh eh . I normally love using all these ways of learning and I often write down and speak up too: I also love listening to recorded lessons during my sleep. Maybe it’s good maybe not, but for a student of 64 years it feels like working eh eh

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