The Origin of “Thank you”

Well, hello!

Let’s start today’s mini lesson.

English people are famous for being polite. And one way of being polite is to always, always, always say “please” and “thank you”.

In English, “thank you” derives from “think”. It used to mean “I will remember what you did for me”, isn’t that interesting?

Also interesting is the fact that not all cultures say “thank you” like we do in the UK or America. If we did something for someone and they didn’t immediately say “thanks!” we would consider them rude or to have bad manners, but remember: maybe they are from another country!

The most important thing is to be grateful and express that gratitude.

Do YOU say “thank you” in your culture?


Tune in next week to find out the origin of “please”!


  1. Thank you , I hace learned something new.

  2. Thank you in Albania is ( faleminderit)

  3. In canada First Nations the worrd Thank you was not in their vocabulary. We never expected to receive thanks to a Culture that worked, hunted and cared for one another. It was expected to lead these roles without given thanks, It only arrived to our country through colonialism. It was forced upon by hundreds of colonial tyranny. II am currently doing research on this subject.

  4. In the word “thank” is the Egyptian sound of the word “ankh”. Ankh is a word that means “Life” or Life principle. Our “thank you” or “thanks”. is a Blessing. To say “thank you” is saying “to Life” or “bless your life”.

  5. In transliterated Hebrew the word for ? “Thanks” is “hodaYah” (meaning literally “thanks to God” or “glory to God.” “Thanksgiving Day” in transliterated Hebrew is “khag hodayah” (meaning literally “feast or holiday glorifying/thanking God”).

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