Saint Patrick’s Day Jokes!

Hello friends!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day on the 17th!

We thought we’d use today’s lesson to tell a couple of jokes. Are you ready to have a laugh?





Why can’t you borrow money from a leprechaun? 🎩 

Because they’re always a little short. 🤭


Why is this joke funny?

Well, the question is, why you should not ask a leprechaun for money? The answer is because they are always “a little short”. “A little short” can mean “not very tall” (since leprechauns are tiny little creatures) but it can also mean “short of money” which is an expression we use to say we do not have very much money.

The joke uses the two meanings of “a little short” to be funny. Did you like it?



Why don’t you iron 4-Leaf clovers? 🍀 

Because you don’t want to press your luck. 😅


Why is this joke funny?

The question is why you should not iron a clover. Clovers are small plants that usually have three leaves on each stem, but some have four and we call these lucky clovers (they are said to bring good luck).

The answer is “you don’t want to press your luck” which is an expression that means “don’t get too confident, your luck might end”. But “to press” means “to iron”, so that’s where the joke is!



What do ghosts drink on St Patricks Day? 👻

BOOs 😛


Why is this joke funny?

The question is what drink do ghosts choose on Saint Patrick’s Day and the answer is “boo’s” which is funny because ghosts say “BOO” to scare you, but when you say “boo’s” it sounds like “booze” which is a synonym of alcohol.



Now you can go and tell your friends these three Saint Patrick’s jokes!

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