New partners join ABA English to improve your learning experience

Things just keep going from strength to strength for ABA English and their quest to be the best online English course provider around! Yesterday it was announced that Kennet Partners have invested in the business so that it can continue growing.

What will the investment be used for?

This substantial investment in the future is greatly welcomed and will go towards various projects which the company have planned. One of ABA’s key ambitions is to further develop its accoladed methodology in which English is taught so as to enhance the student’s experience and actively encourage engagement.

Having taken the English E-learning world by storm, ABA English is now present in over 170 countries worldwide and is continuing to grow at a very fast pace. A key objective of this investment is to further develop its unique method in new markets such as China and Turkey to give more and more people the opportunity to learn English in such a unique, fun and dynamic way. In addition to moving to new markets, ABA English is also developing its method in business areas so that employees can learn English in a commercial way that is relevant for their work.

In addition to Kennet Partners, another important investor of ABA English is Iñaki Ecenarro, former founder and CEO of Trovit who is going to join ABA as an independent board member.

What does this mean for you, the student?

Due to this significant investment, our students can rest assured that the quality of ABA’s already first class course is only going to get better. As mentioned, students will soon be able to study the course to business level in the same unique way as the rest of the course

For new and existing students, this development gives you an even greater chance to have access to the world of English at your fingertips when you decide.

Upon news of the investment, ABA’s CEO and Co-Founder Javier Figarola said:

We aim to improve people’s lives by helping them to communicate in English, a language that unlocks all kinds of opportunities that can transform an individual’s future. Kennet’s investment will take us to the next level, not only by encouraging consumers to learn English but also by helping us to become the key training partner for organizations around the world.

What’s next?

After such an important investment, it is ABA’s priority to work very hard so that we can continue to provide our students with an unrivalled course where the student can learn English whenever and wherever they want from their device. We are very excited to see where the future takes us! We hope you are too!



  1. It is very difficult learn strange language for me but I work a lot in Facebook and whit my dictionary now . I work since 1989 …I forgot many things and rules in English.

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