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Meeting the Teachers – Priscilla

Sejam muito bem-vindos!

(that’s “You’re very welcome!” in Portuguese).

Did you know that ABA English has an amazing team of in-house teachers? When a student signs up for our premium English course, they have unlimited access to ask them as many questions as they need. At any time during the course, they are able to email a teacher and receive a detailed response helping them get the most out of their studies. It’s like having a private tutor!

So many of our students ask us questions about their teachers that we have put together a fun interview for them.

Today’s interview is with Priscila.

Where are you from?

São Paulo, Brazil.

Describe yourself with 3 adjectives!

Adventurous – Spontaneous – Curious

What experience do you have as an English teacher?

I have taught for many years, teaching people from all over the world on and offline.

What inspired you to be an English teacher?

To be able to connect with people from different backgrounds.

What is important when teaching?

Being able to help and support.

What do you consider to be the major strength / weakness when expressing yourself in another language?

Your self-confidence makes all the difference, and it’s good to accept that it takes time.

What brought you to Barcelona (or other city)?


How do you picture yourself in 10 years?

Just happy.

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

To be able to speak with animals.


  1. I have seen results in this site and I can see each day a improves in my speak with other people. I’m loving this english course!

  2. Since 3 weeks i try to complete my first lesson and i can’t complete and i don’t know wky ?it is not easy for me because to run my computer is not my dada and is not easy to enderstand.I would lyke to learn english not to learn how drive a computer . Thank-you for your compréhension and i hope to read you soon as possible

  3. Olá,


    Muito obrigado pela ajuda.

    Estou gostando das aulas e deste método de aprendizagem.

    A comunicação entre o aluno e o Professor é apenas através de site? Você
    possui algum e-mail?



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