Learning English with Word Games!

Hello everyone!

Ready to learn some vocabulary by playing a fun game with us? Great!

Studying English can be hard: we have to memorize vocabulary, study grammar and practice our pronunciation. But it can also be a fun activity if we use games to play with friends.

Playing games is an effective and entertaining way to practice a language. Boggle is a fantastic way to improve spelling skills and remembering vocabulary.

How to play

Boggle is a popular game in Great Britain and the US, we play it by trying to make as many words as we can with the letters. The words can be singular or plural and the verbs can be in any tense – but they must appear in the dictionary!


So, now we know the rules, let’s be as creative as we can! Who can make the most words?

We will start for you! ABA’s word is…. “TEA”, what are your words?


  1. he, sat, cut, rate, heat, sex, cute, she, tax, sea, tea, much, shame

  2. mars, exam, centre, tax, fax,smart,far,fresh, fee,yes, art,test,mere, sea, cheers,yacht, merchant,chat, near, theme, harm,term, chest, rest, master, stream, furthest, turn, start,tune, set, ash, shut, shutter, she, her, hers, hurt, nasty, man, bye

  3. cut, nut, meet, star, sheet, he, she, car, care, eye, ear, stay, may, hut, hunt,run ,man, men,heat, fun ,hear, here,shut , tax, face ,search,

  4. Belinda Oms Tarragona

    Good morning Aba English!

    My words are:


    Who can make the most words?

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Hi Jeff! Sometimes we all need to blow our own trumpets! I tried one of your crosswords and they are a great resource for English vocabulary, good work!

  6. pee , see , real , feel , did I get it right

  7. cut nut rat cut nuts rats he sat hum hums feet neat hut hat huts hats ray rays ram rams ran run runs tea teas yeast shut cram crams star far car ten fun man men teen teens see sea heat tax taxes case fur furs yes the tar are neat meet meat me same seam them themes seams fame tame tames set seat t-rex come comes came name names shame team as many ye yea yeah

  8. cut, face, faces, cuts,tears, hear, same, cat, cats, can, same, cure, tune, mere, seat, seats, fan fans, femes, ass, as, xray, cute, my, sure, mat, man, mac, naran, run, ran, san, say, ear, ease, easy, nest, cute, seen, yaseen, fee, fax

  9. face, race, mate, hut, mat, cat, rat

  10. transmute, mutate, cutter, nutter 🙂 shutter, shatter, truncate, extermin, cremate, cement, furnace, ferment, numerate, tyrant, ratchet, extract, semtex, hectare, hecate, and loads out of 3,4 & 5 words.

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