Teachers’ Tips – The Inspiring Story of Felix Finkbeiner

We are never too young to teach a lesson nor too old to learn one…

Have you heard about Felix Finkbeiner?

He is a 13 year old German boy and the founder of “Plant for the planet”, an organization that encourages children around the world to take care of the planet and plant trees. They have already planted three million trees world wide!

Amazing, isn’t it?

Their slogan is: “Stop talking, start planting” and they are right, we adults talk too much and do very little… and it’s time to start doing  more. Felix’s dream is for children all over the world to unite and fight the climate change – he plans on planting over 131.000.000 trees!

This is the main lesson he has taught us today, but some of the teachers from ABA English also want to share their thoughts, and here is what each one of them has to say:

Ella: “Let’s dream of a sustainable world like this boy.”
Sarah: “It’s inspiring to see people working hard for something they believe in.”
Maria: “Always dream big regardless of your age.”

And I, Victoria, would say: “We need more young people like him” and, of course, “His mum must be feeling very proud.”

If you found Felix as inspiring as we did, why don’t you watch this video where Felix gives an interview at the Opening of the International Year of Forests?

What do you think of Plant For the Planet? Would you plant a tree for a better future? Let us know what you think so we can all practice English together!

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  1. Yes, it’s very good.
    Felix has reason, oll the children have reason alike.
    Yes, now is time of change the adult and they (we) to be more courageous people
    for to facilitate at the children to develop them amazing ideas.
    I ‘m planted trees with my sons, I like the forests.
    ¡Bravo Felix!
    Ella, Sarah, María, Victoria thank you very much.

  2. We all have big dreams, some hard to get, but the important thing to achieve them is to be able to fight for them.

    Purposes like this are wonderful and we like to think there are people who care about them, but if there isn’t commitment and support from us, everything we speak is just words

  3. I’ve just seen the video on youtube and at my 49s I must say that the best for me is Felix’s serenity in front of the wide world, talking as if he was in front of you or me

    the idea of stopping talking and starting plantig is also good, but the best of all of this are children planting and talking

    so, well done, guys!!!

  4. AHUI YAO Emmanuel

    This boy is what we can call a genius. I think that it is better that this kind of idea comes from child than from adult. Like that we are sure it is not political project. It comes from his soul. Felix is an exemple to follow. More children like him and the world can go ahead without problem. His action shows that he has a ” big heart of love”.
    Felix, God bless you!

  5. Belinda Oms Tarragona

    Hello Aba English!

    I have not heard of this boy you tell me, but is a great and kind notice because is necessary people ready to compensate the people that haven’t any interest for some different their business , and the people ,with interest in the earth’s health but not much energy for to make something on this matter.

    Come on Felix! Good lucky for you!

    Have a great weekend!


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