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Today we have a very bizarre news story for you. Many women (and some men!) like to paint their nails to make them look pretty. But now, you can also get lights to make your nails even more glamorous!

If you want to hear more about this new beauty phenomenon, start by:

1. Read the text
2. Understand the vocabulary
3. Watch the news!


There’s a new, high-tech way to light up your nails – literally.

At the 17th annual Beauty World Expo in Tokyo, nail artists apply extensions during a manicure that have tiny, electronic circuits in them.

Created by two Japanese companies, the paste-on nail stickers light up when they’re near electronic payment card readers or smart phones. So far, the product is very popular. More than one thousand packages sold at the Expo in just a day and a-half.

– It’s something that is playful because it doesn’t blink all the time. Only when there’s an electric frequency. I quite like it and ended up buying several.

The nail stickers sell for $12 U.S. dollars per package (1,200 yen) and they’re only available in Japan. At least for now.


_46826377_nails_ge766Bizarre – very unusual or strange.

Nail – the hard covering at the end of a finger or toe : a fingernail or toenail.

Extensions – the act of extending something; in this case, peoples nails.

Manicure – a treatment to improve the appearance and health of the hands and fingernails.

Stickers – a piece of paper with a picture or writing on it and a sticky substance on its back that is used to attach it to a surface.

Playful – happy and full of energy : eager to play.

Blink – to shine with a light that goes on and off.

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What do YOU think of this? Would you like lights on your nails?

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