ABA Films – Vocabulary Game – Fill in the missing word!

Nǐmén hǎo!

(that’s “hello” in Chinese to a group of people).

Ready to play another “fill in the missing word” game? Perfect! So this is how it works:

1. Watch the ABA Film Unit 121
2. Fill in the missing words in the dialogue below!

Easy, right? Tell us in the comments’ section or on Facebook and we will help if you need a clue.

ABA Film 121


Here is ABA Film dialogue. But some words have disappeared! Listen to the film carefully and tell us what those missing words are.

This is an Advanced unit, so don’t worry if it seems a little difficult at first!

– I’ve decided to become a ______.

– Are you talking about work?

– Yeah.


– Have you seen the ______ in the financial section?

– I haven’t read the newspaper for days. It puts me in a ______ mood.

– Well you should read it today. Listen to this: “Inflation is under control and ______ has gone down”

– Well it’s about time!

– You know, I’ve always thought a newspaper that only gave good news would be a ______.

– No, that wouldn’t be successful. People are ______ to bad news.

– Well at least the ______ with two sections; in the first half you could have the good news, and in the second half you could have the bad news. So whoever doesn’t want to receive any shocks, would only read the first part.

– And then if you want to get to the ______ stuff you go straight to the second part. What about the ordinary news?

– Well, that would be in the ______ half, and obviously bad news would be in the second part, like: unemployment rises, the States send another aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf, in India another train derails.

– You’re joking, I suppose, but it could work…

– Who says I’m ______? Maybe sounds like I’m joking but there’s always a part of truth in everything that I say. Imagine a newspaper you could read whilst eating and not be afraid of getting indigestion.

– And then after ______ you could read the second part.

– Yeah, once you are ready for the bad news.

– It sounds like a great ______, we should send it to The Times and get a royalty for it.

– Yeah, but we must patent it first, and talking about “we”, doesn’t sound quite right. This is ______ idea and I’m gonna get paid for it. Then you’ll see.

– Then I’ll see what?

– You’ll see how I’ll become fabulously ______.

– Imagine if it worked though!

– I’ll ______you a part of the business. 20% just for you because you’re a good businessman.

– No, ______% or I’m not interested.

– Ok, 30%

– Ok, for a 30% share, I’ll give you a good idea right now.

– I’m ______.

– Tomorrow morning we’ll go to my ______ and buy a newspaper. Then, we cut out all the news and we’ll set up a newspaper in two parts, with all the bad news in the second part, to see what it looks like.

– It sounds ______ interesting. You know, your 30% is already paying off dividends. Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow at your office at 9 o’clock. You’ve got an office?


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