Learn English with the News: “Dragon dance in Sydney”

Good morning, good afternoon!

Soon we will say goodbye to the Year of the Snake and move into the Year of The Horse. It’s Chinese New Year!

So today’s news article is all about dragon dances and celebrations… if you want to learn more AND learn some English; then follow the 1,2,3 steps below:

1. Read the text
2. Understand the vocabulary
3. Watch the news


With a spectacular view of Sydney Harbor, performers mark the Chinese Lunar New year with a dragon dance.

The Year of the Horse symbolizes success in Chinese culture and the dance was a celebration organized by a Mandarin-speaking tour company.

And with Chinese visitors flocking to Australia in large numbers, the firm hopes the Year of the Horse will help them gallop ahead of the competition.


dragon danceSpectacular – causing wonder and admiration : very impressive.

Harbor – a part of the ocean, a lake, etc., that is next to land and that is protected and deep enough to provide safety for ships.

Mark – to make or leave a visible mark on (something).

Symbolizes – to be a symbol of (something).

Flocking – to gather or move in a crowd .

Firm – a business organization.

Gallop –  the way a horse or similar animal moves when it is running fast and all four of its feet leave the ground at the same time.

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