Learn English with the News: “Creepy or cute?”


Mmm… chocolate.

But in the shape of your face? Would you like this?

1. Read the text
2. Understand the vocabulary
3. Watch the video


It might be the ultimate in personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts.

Chocolates that mirror your image. Mariya Kawae plans to give her lollipop look-a-like to her husband on February 14th.

– I didn’t think it would look so much like me. So I’m a bit surprised.

To make the sweet treat Mariya’s image was scanned at the KS Design Lab. Then, using a 3D printer a silicon mould of her face was created. Kana Yuasa helped her four-year-old daughter Hisoka fill a mould of her likeness with chocolaty goodness.

– I thought that people might find it somewhat odd. So I had her make them instead. I wanted her to give it to her dad, but apparently she’s going to give it to a friend.

In Japan, women traditionally give chocolates to men on February 14th. But in this case, it looks like Hisoka wants to keep her chocolatey image, all to herself.


chocolate-heads-2_2478376bUltimate – greatest or most extreme — used to say that something or someone is the greatest or most extreme example of a particular type of thing or person.

Mirror – to be very similar to (something).

Treat – something that tastes good and that is not eaten often.

Mould –  a container that is used to give its shape to something that is poured or pressed into it.

Odd – strange or unusual : different from what is normal or expected.


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