Learn English by watching films

Would you consider yourself to be a big film fan? If you love films and also want to improve your level of English at the same time, then why not combine the too?

Why you should watch films in English

  1. You will improve your listening and understanding skills.
    2. You will improve your pronunciation.
    3. It will be easier to follow spoken English.
    4. You will learn new vocabulary.
    5. You will enjoy watching films in their original language.

Watching subtitled films

Start off by watching a film you’ve already seen in in your native tongue. By doing this you’ll be able to worry less about understanding the plot and you can concentrate more on following the dialogue.

Go to ESL Notes, where you can find study notes on a large number of films, the vocabulary they use and the expressions you will hear. Read them before watching the film and you’ll understand a lot more.

Watching films without subtitles

If you can understand a film without subtitles, so much the better! You will use your powers of concentration and improve your listening skills in a new language.

If you don’t understand something: PAUSE – GO BACK – WATCH AGAIN.

Make a note of what you don’t understand and then look it up in a dictionary.

Watching films without subtitles is the perfect way to improve your understanding of spoken English. You get to hear different accents, different voices, with background noise – just like in real life.

Three tricks

  1. Concentrate on the words or expressions you find the most interesting.
  2. Find out how and when to use these words or expressions. Then start using them!
  3. Write them down. Putting them onto paper will help you to remember them more easily.

What film do you want to watch today then?

The ABA English method starts with a scene from a film: Enjoy the 144 ABA films from the complete course and learn English before you know it by “travelling” to London and New York.  Get to feel a part of real stories – just like you were there, but without having to leave home.

The brain is always working, even though we might not be aware of it. Being immersed in a new language gets us used to hearing it and helps it to become more familiar. You “tune into” the rhythm and absorb what you hear…

Beyond the world’s imperfections there is a whole universe of perfect micro-worlds where reality is exactly as it should be. This happens in films, but also sometimes in real life too.

Dream in English with ABA English and join the millions of students who are learning with us.


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