Khan Academy is Changing Education

Education is evolving!

E-learning, like that offered by ABA English, is changing the way people learn all over the world. There is a new way to learn math and science online as well. Khan Academy is teaching millions of people every day with YouTube videos that last approximately ten minutes. Their mission is to “provide a high quality education to anyone, anywhere.” Their videos on math and science subjects are great, refreshing lessons to reinforce key points learned in the classroom.

Below is a TED talk by the creator of Khan Academy, Salman Khan. He talks about the mission of the academy, its current services, and how he hopes to take the project to places as far as Africa and Asia as an easy way to teach disadvantaged children. The lessons are currently being translated into ten other languages.

We wish this had existed when we were still in school! Even if the subjects don’t interest you, do you think they are a good idea? Do you think this is the future of education?


Approximately –(adv.) close in value or amount but not precise.

Refreshing –(adj.) pleasantly new, different, or interesting.

Reinforce – (verb) to strengthen (something, such as clothing or a building) by adding more material for support.

Disadvantaged – (adj.) lacking the things (such as money and education) that are considered necessary for an equal position in society.


  1. Good afternoon Aba!

    I think that this article is very interesting.

    My partner liked it a lot, even use it in their work (school teacher).

    Have a good weekend!


  2. Was it a typo? In the article above you wrote, “Khan Academy is teaching millions of people everyday . . . ”

    You should have used “every day.”

  3. Hi Eram!

    We are an online English school – not the Khan Academy. This is simply a post about their teaching method.

    To check out our course please visit the following website:

    Also, I recommend you sign up for our free Today’s Class. You will receive 3 emails each week with a video from one of our teachers explaining a lesson. To sign up, just go here:

    If you still want to visit the Khan Academy, visit their website here:

    Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have anymore questions!

  4. hi love this!!!!!!!!

  5. Khan Academy is a wonderful resource. Please note that “everyday” meaning “commonplace” should be two words: “every day,” meaning “every single day.” Thanks!

  6. Thank you for all this material; Please note that “embarrassed” is spelt with an “a” and not “embarressed”.

  7. Hi Andrea, it would be best for you to email

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