The ABA Book Club Reviews – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

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Every month we review and recommend a great book for you to practice reading in English. The language in these books is not complex from a literary point of view, but they do require a certain level of understanding.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time is a novel writen by Mark Haddon and winner of several literary awards. The book is written in first-person by a 15 year old boy who suffers from Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism.

Reading Level Advanced
Genre Fiction
Length (pages) 226
Original Date of Publishing 2003


The author says he did not write this book to show an in-depth knowledge of Asperger’s Syndorme, but throughout the book we come to an understanding of how Christopher’s mind works – he hates being touched, he cannot lie and he cannot understand jokes.

The plot begins when his next door neighbours’ dog is killed and Christopher decides to investigate. Christopher goes through an emotional journey he is unable to experience on an emotional level because he sees the world literally. This makes the book funny while it shows a different perspective from our own. During the book, Christian’s search for the dog murderer makes him have a lot of adventures, even travelling to London on his own!

The reading level for this book isfor a beginner to intermediate level student. This is because it is written through the eyes of a child making it simple, straightforward, and clear. The topics in this book include friendship, science, and animals. We recommend you always read the first few pages of a book, if you understand most of it, then continue, if not, perhaps it would be best if you choose an easier book.

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Literary – (adjective) of or relating to literature.

Suffers – (verb) to experience pain, illness, or injury.

In-depth – (adjective) covering many or all important points of a subject.

Throughout – (preposition) during an entire (situation or period of time).

Plot – (noun) a series of events that form the story in a novel, movie, etc.

Journey – (noun) an act of traveling from one place to another.

Perspective – (noun)  a way of thinking about and understanding something (such as a particular issue or life in general).


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