Idioms with fruit and veg

How are YOU today? We are all “full of beans” here at ABA English and so we thought we’d help all of you learn some funny idioms in English which include fruit and vegetables!

We truly hope that you “go bananas “over today’s blog post!

Seriously, just when you thought English couldn’t get any more bizarre you find out that we have expressions which include fruit and vegetables!

Let’s check out 7 of the best fruit and veg idioms!

To be full of beans

It means to be full of energy and excitement.


Tom is full of beans today, he must have heard the good news.

To go bananas

It means to go crazy both in a good way and a bad way about something.


Alex went bananas when he heard that I had crashed his car.

To have a pea brain

It means to be unintelligent or stupid


John has a pea brain, I have explained the problem to him many times but he doesn’t get it.

To be like two peas in a pod

It means to be exactly the same as someone else. Normally exhibiting the same personality traits.


They were two peas in a pod – they liked and did all the same things, together.

To be a bad apple

It means to be a bad person.


I think Martha is a bad apple. Have you seen how she behaves behind her parents back?

To be a banana republic

It means to be a weak or corrupt country.


This country has become a banana republic. I’m leaving as soon as I get the chance.

Life is a bowl of cherries

It means life is easy and beautiful.


Life here in the Bahamas is a bowl of cherries, why would I want to go back to the city?

Go ahead practise them and have some fun! There are many more where those come from!


  1. Algema Villavicencio

    I want to learn idioms because they are like a bowl of cherries

  2. I am full of beans, having memorised three or four of them👍

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