Join our book club! – SayWhat?! Episode 16

Every week English students from around the world send us their questions with #saywhatABA and ABA teacher Brandon answers them.

Watch the video to hear all the questions and answers.

Question  1 – When to use the apostrophe

More resources:

The apostrophe

Question 2 – Pronouncing single and double consonants

Question 3 – Book recommendation

ABA Book Club

Question 4 – Synonyms of “kiwi”

Do you have any vocabulary questions? Are you unsure about a specific grammar lesson? Maybe you want to learn tricks on how to study more efficiently?


  1. Hi dear Kate and to everyone .How are things? I’ m very happy because everytime I get eye in the blog my soul enjoi. I must learn some news words.
    I want asked only this question: Can you helpped me with “The presente perfect”

  2. Hi! Teacher Kate, how are you? I am fine, I hope that you feel well, I give my soul for you helpme to improve my English, now I think is better, thank to you, Miss Kate.

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