How to Speak to a Child in English

The day has finally arrived, Emily and Mark are getting married! After months of preparation, everything is ready. The ceremony will be held in an old castle in Huesca and now is the time to enjoy the celebration. Julie and Leonard have helped out a lot with the preparations. Mark was too busy at work and Emily could not do it all alone. For Julie, this will be an important opportunity to practice her English, since many of Mark’s family members who have come from the United Kingdom to celebrate this important moment will be among the guests.

Julie has offered to take care of the restless children that the British friends and relatives have brought with them. Obviously, she wanted to be prepared so she again thought of preparing a set of phrases that could be useful for handling a horde of children. Let’s look at the phrases she prepared with her teacher Robin.

At Lunch

Meals are an undoubtedly delicate moment. It is not always easy to remind children that they need to wash their hands, that they ought not talk with their mouths full, or that they chew calmly. Let’s look at the sentences that Julie prepared.

Children, let’s go wash our hands. I recommend that you soap and rinse them well!

John, do not talk with your mouth full. You could choke!

Daisy, chew slowly. We have all the time necessary!

What do you say when you ask for a favour? Do not forget to say “please” and “thank you!”

Do not move around on the chair all the time. You may fall!

Do you want me to cut your meat?

In the Park

The location the couple chose for the event is really beautiful, a historic villa with a large garden. For the children, it really is a party! If Julie does not keep them all in sight, she could lose someone in the trees. The park is huge and the children love to run and to play hide and seek. Fortunately, there is a small place with games to attract their attention so Julie won’t have to run all over the park. Here are some of the phrases she could use!

Do not leave without my permission. You are my responsibility!

Judy, stop pushing your brother. You will make him cry!

You can play hide and seek if you want, but stay nearby. I forbid you to go beyond those hedges or that kiosk.

Do not talk at the same time. It is giving me a headache!

John, what have you done? You got dirty all over. Let’s go to your mum and tell her that you need to change your clothes.

Please give the ball to your sister. Do not make her cry!

Judy, do not climb up the slide from that side. Get out of there!

Shall we sing a song?

Sweetheart! What happened?

Children, it is time to go. It is getting dark!

With this selection of sentences, everything went great. The celebration was truly memorable and Julie was an impeccable babysitter. Between reprimands and bathroom runs, she even had time to dance with Leonard and to have an appetizer! If you also need to communicate with children in English, maybe at school or at home with your children, have you thought about using an online course to prepare yourself and then later teach the little ones? ABA English offers 144 free video classes as well as interesting short films to learn English naturally and intuitively. Like Julie, you can always ask for help for any situation of your life in which you will need to speak English. What are you waiting for?

Yes, I want to see a short film!
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