How to remember prepositions!


Have you ever become frustrated trying to learn all the English prepositions?

We understand.

This is why we want to offer you some tips on how to remember and use them correctly.

Prepositions are little words that are often defined as “linking nouns, pronouns, and phrases to other words in a sentence”.Put simply, prepositions are words that indicate a place or time. However, there are other parts of speech that indicate place and time as well. Therefore, it’s often easier to recognize a preposition when you have all of the prepositions memorized.

3 Tips to Remember Prepositions

1. Memorize Through Grouping: there is such a long list of prepositions, that it will be much easier for you to remember them in smaller groups. For example: one day, learn all the prepositions that begin with A, the next day with B and so on.

Also, why not use a song to help memorize them? Choose a simple melody or a favourite song and sing the prepositions in rhythm  This will really help your brain remember all of them! And it’s a lot more fun.

Here is a video you could use of someone singing the prepositions to a Lady Gaga song:

2. Repetition: practice, practice, practice. Try writing the list of prepositions several times a day. This will help you to memorize the words as you will be thinking of the word in your head at the same time you are looking at it.

You can also do repetition in saying, not just writing. Say the words out loud as you are looking at the word written on the paper.

3. Increase your Understanding of Prepositions: you only have to do this activity once. Make a list of all the prepositions and research how each one works and what it means. Also, write down several examples.

It has been demonstrated that the more you understand a concept, the easier it is to remember!

Do YOU have any tricks you want to share with us?

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