How to act like Royalty

The monarchy or the royal family in the United Kingdom have always been renowned for their impeccable manners and protocol but how does one manage to act in such a way that is not only polite but almost elegant as well. Today we are going to look at some tips that you should take on board if you wish to be as polite and well carried as a member of the royal family.

Posture is everything

When trying to be as prim and proper as you can be, it is important to make sure you have incredible stance and even when you are sitting too. For royalty (or anyone wanting to be like them) a straight back at all times is a must with shoulders back. It is recommended to keep feet firmly on the floor and about shoulder width apart.

When sitting down, the bottom of your back/bottom should reach the back of the seat while you are sitting up straight. If someone wishes to cross their legs, especially women, it is recommended that they only cross their ankles as they have a dress on and it wouldn’t be very high class to show and undergarment.

Dress to impress

In terms of acting like royalty and coming across as well to do, it is absolutely vital that you dress very well and always look your best. This may seem like something quite simple but there are norms associated with it.

Women are normally always expected to wear long elegant gowns or dresses which is accepted as appropriate dress code for day or nighttime. It is advised that if a woman wishes to add jewellery to her outfit to accessorise it then she is encouraged to only wear 1 or 2 pieces and not to overdo it as this can give a cluttered look.

Men, for fancy evening events, are usually expected to wear tuxedos with a bow tie so that they are very smartly dressed, however during the day to an event, they could wear a tux or smart cotton or linen trousers with a linen shirt. The shirt could also be collared which in turn would make it look even more smart. Remember, appearance is everything (if you want to be like royalty)

Being well groomed is essential!

In the world we live in nowadays, everyone is always trying to look their best and in turn, try to look better than everyone else. If you want to be like royalty, there can be no mistakes. It is absolutely vital that ladies are sporting the best, fashionable hairstyle at every point. The media and our peers are so scrutinous so there is no room for error whatsoever. In addition to the hairstyle, women also have to have their makeup done perfectly as well as being generally very well groomed with their nails painted too.

Just because men generally have shorter hair, it should not be assumed for a second that their hair is of any less importance than women’s. It’s recommended that men use the best hair product that they can find to ensure they have the best hairstyle too. In addition to having the best hairstyle, men also have to ensure that they are clean shaven or if they have a beard, that it is very well kept and aligned. Obviously both men and women have to smell good at all times too- That is something that should go without saying.

These are just a few tips on what is expected if someone is to be treated like royalty or at least wishes to be perceived in the same manner. There are however an infinite amount of guidelines which people should be adhering to if they wish to be seen this way. We would love to know if you guys know of any other ways? Have fun looking your best and getting treated like a monarch.

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