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Happy New Year | ABA on Air

What a fun year of teaching English it has been for all of us here at ABA! We sure hope that it has been as fun for you and that you have learnt as much English as you can. Today’s podcast will tell you all about holiday traditions so that you can learn some festive vocabulary before the year ends. Have a listen and see what new vocabulary you learn.

That was a different podcast from our normal grammar ones but we are sure that it was just as fun for you! Did you know that ABA English also offers a complete online English course in addition to the blog? It has 144 units which start at beginner level and continue to business level. It is completely free to sign up to the course and by doing so you will receive free access to 144 video grammar classes. What are you waiting for? Sign up and start your new year by improving your English as much as you can.


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