English Vocabulary: Idioms and Food Part III – “Soup”

It’s Friday and that makes everyone at ABA English think of Rebecca Black.

Do you think of Rebecca Black every Friday?

Also, today is part three of our idiom series. Part I was “eggs“, part II was “bread“.

Idioms with “soup”

As easy as duck soup – very easy.
Example: “It was as easy as duck soup to find the party”

As thick as pea soup – very thick. We use this to describe fog as well as liquids.
Example: “The fog was as thick as pea soup, it was very hard to see where the car was going”

Everything from soup to nuts – everything you can think of.
Example: “My parents bought everything, from soup to nuts, for the Christmas holiday”

In the soup – in serious trouble, in a bad situation.
Example: “My best friend is in the soup: she cheated during her final exams”

To soup something up – to make something faster or more powerful.
Example: “John is obsessed with cars and just souped his up like Pimp my Drive”

Too many cooks spoil the broth – too many people trying to do the same thing will cause problems.
Example: “Four people working on the same graphic design won’t work, too many cooks spoil the broth”


soupSuggested exercise: Write down 5 to 10 idioms, make a sentence with them and memorize them. You can post your sentences in the comments’ section and if there are any errors, we will correct them for you!

Writing and repeating out loud are two of the best ways to remember a new language and get used to hearing your voice pronouncing it.

Why not get a pen and paper and do it now? Otherwise, it’s possible you might forget.

Write down a couple of sentences, repeat them 5 times and let us know!

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