English Vocabulary for Travelling With a Dog

Are you among those who would not risk separating themselves from their four-legged best friends? You are not the only one. Especially in the case of dogs, it has become almost natural to take them with you wherever you go, not just on their daily walk in the park. Many choose not to abandon their dogs even when they go on holiday, so they look for an adequate solution to meet their needs without neglecting their friend.

In fact, travelling with an animal may not be practical, but deep down, every dog is a member of the family and taking them with you can enrich your experience rather than limit it. Today, there are many places that accept tourists and their pets. These establishments offer dedicated services to those who decide to travel with their four-legged friends.

What can we say about your stay? If you go abroad, you may have to communicate in English. Are you afraid that asking for a product in a pet shop will be complicated and will end up with a mess of signs and gestures while you try to make yourself understood? Do not worry! You devote yourself to planning your trip and we will take care of the English. Here we offer you the vocabulary you will need to make purchases at a pet store so that your friend will be happy during the trip.


Pet Food

Dry Dog Food Trays







Wet Dog Food

Biscuit Bakes Treats

Jelly Dog Pouches

Sticks Treats


Canned Food

Raw Food

Dry Dog Food


Travel Bowl

Dinner Mat

Water Bottle



Household Flea Spray

Dog Flea Collar

Ear Cleaner



Training Pads



Snuggle Bed

Slumber Bed

Box Duvet



Flat Pad

Pet Door

Car Seat Cover

Pet Carrier


Pet Duffle Bag Carrier

On a Walk

Dog Robe

Dog Coat

Retractable Lead




Training Muzzle





My dog is losing a lot of hair. Which food do you recommend?

I need a long-haired dog brush.

Can I have a pack of dry dog food with salmon?

Do you have a longer lead?

Do you have a cloth muzzle?

Now you have the (almost) complete vocabulary for accessories, foods, and other specific items for your four-legged friend. What more do you need in order to face a holiday or an eventual move abroad? Surely, good knowledge of the language would make things easier. If you do not have much time at your disposal, you may be interested in taking an online course. ABA English offers a quality course that combines multimedia material, grammar classes, and practical exercises that will help you achieve the necessary skills to communicate in English and to make your daily purchases.

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