English Vocabulary for the Gym

Finally, a moment to herself! After a long day at work, an hour at the gym is just what she needs. With her leggings, trainers, and MP3 player, Julie is ready for her daily moment of relaxation. There will be no problems, because tonight Leonard is preparing dinner. Just yesterday, Julie was studying gym and sports vocabulary in English. She was finally able to understand the meaning of all of those words that they use so much in her native tongue, but which come from English.

Memorizing all those words was not easy, but the recording that she has prepared to listen to between her time on the treadmill and a step routine will definitely make a difference. Martha is also at the gym tonight, but it is not a good time to talk. Exercising in the gym requires good breathing and concentration, especially when using the equipment. Let’s look at the program that Alexander, the personal trainer at the gym, has prepared for her.


Squat is an English term that means “to curl up or sit with the knees bent and the heels touching the buttocks or the back of the thighs.” This is the best exercise to tone the lower extremities, but correct execution requires excellent muscular synergy and good joint mobility. Julie must remember the name of this exercise well, because her personal trainer, Alexander, has assigned her 25 squats to begin her training session.

Squats can help you improve both your upper and lower body strength.

Star Jumps (UK)

Jumping jacks (US and Canada) are an aerobic exercise that consist of jumping from a standing position with the arms and legs together to a landing position with the arms and legs outwards. It is perfect for both warm up and weight loss. Since Julie has expressed the desire to lose a few pounds, Alexander has advised her to do a set of 15.

How many star jumps should I do in a minute?


Planks are an exercise that require keeping the body straight and parallel to the ground while resting on your toes and either your hands or your elbows. It is a static exercise in which it is extremely important to maintain the correct position. Today, Julie will have to remain in the plank position for five minutes.

Planks are very good for strengthening your abdominals.


A crunch, which focuses on the abdominals, is done lying facing upwards, with the legs open at the hips, raising the torso in the direction of the pelvis. The classic crunch is a bodyweight exercise, but there are many variations that can be done with the help of different tools or machines. Today, Julie will do 20 crunches.

Doing 20 crunches every day strengthens your abdominal muscles.


A burpee is a full body, multiarticular exercise. The movement starts from a vertical, standing position and passes into a squat position with your hands on the ground. Then, your feet are thrown back while maintaining your hands on the ground. You then go back into the squat position before finally returning to the starting position. Julie was assigned 15 burpees today.

My personal trainer has assigned me 15 burpees.

Exercise Ball

An exercise ball or a Swiss ball is a spherical tool that originally belonged in the rehabilitation field. The diameter of the ball varies and can be used in both free exercises, such as Pilates, or in rehabilitation gymnastics. This is an excellent tool because it allows you to tone the whole body without putting stress on the spine. Julie uses this tool to practice the plank position.

An exercise ball is an excellent support for your legs to start gradually practicing the plank, with the correct posture.


A pulley is a useful tool for exercising the back muscles. Julie does not like machines much, but she sometimes uses them to strengthen the muscles in her arms and shoulders.

The pulley machine is excellent for increasing muscle mass.

Lat Machine

A lat machine is a tool designed to exercise the lats and the biceps.

The lat machine is quite simple and doesn’t require a lot of agility to use.

Up-Down Stepper

An up-down stepper is a platform with adjustable height, which is raised and lowered at a constant rate. Regular use of this machine can help to lose weight and to strengthen the cardiorespiratory system. It is Julie’s favourite machine.

It is better to inhale when you step down on the up-down stepper and exhale when you climb.


The word stretching means to extend. These are, in fact, exercises designed to stretch and lengthen the muscles. Stretching is essential both at the beginning and at the end of training to ensure flexibility of the ligaments and muscles, which helps to prevent muscle tears and injuries. Julie always stretches at the beginning and the end of her training.

Stretching has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, on muscles and on joints.

That hour in the gym flew by! Julie only has to shower and run home. On her way back, she can do the grammar exercises related to this morning’s video class. She has had a really busy day! And you, why don’t you join Julie and many other students at ABA English? We offer 144 video classes and a good quantity of short films, as well as native teachers and experts who are ready to answer your questions and clear up your doubts.

OK, I am going to download the app!
OK, I am going to try the course!

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