Intermediate Grammar – Prepositions after adjectives

Prepositions after adjectives ABA English

Some adjectives need a preposition before their object. 

For example:

Spain is famous for its Mediterranean cuisine.

My dad is very proud of me.

They are so excited about their vacation to Brazil!

Unfortunately, however, there is no rule to know which prepositions go with which adjectives. This means there is only one solution: using the power of memory. 

Our tip is to try and remember a 3 combinations every day (or every week if you're very busy!). Make sentences with each combination, practice writing them down and saying them out loud. Slowly, you will remember them all.

Here are some of the common combinations of adjectives and prepositions: 

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Intermediate Grammar – Superlative Adjectives

Teacher Ben ABA English

The following lesson is for intermediate students. If you are not sure of your English level, take our test!

You can find all this information, plus speaking, writing, vocabulary exercises and more on the ABA English Course Unit 82 -Boys.

One-Syllable Adjectives - Superlative form

Remember how comparative adjectives worked?

For example: 

long - longer

Well, with the superlatives, the endings are different.

The superlative form of one-syllable adjectives normally ends in "-est".

For example: 

long - longest

And before superlatives, we use the definite article "the".

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