ABA English takes part in the International Language Fair 2016

What an incredible week it has been for ABA English! Between the 19th and 21st May, ABA’s Chief Learning Officer, Maria Perillo and ABA’s Communications and Partnerships Director, Sol Nuñez, took part in the International Language Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico.

What does the fair focus on?

Lasting for 3 days, this fair is the biggest of its kind with over 1,600 square metres of exhibition area and representatives from more than 70 countries.

The fair, which has been organised by la Escuela de Idiomas de la Universidad de Guadalajara (The University of Guadalajara’s Language School) for the last 21 years, was a roaring success. It consisted of more than 2,000 professionals from various academic backgrounds related to language learning and teaching, sharing their experiences and learning from one another about how we can make language learning more dynamic as we move forward.

ABA's Chief Learning Officer Maria Perillo with Busuu's CEO Bernhard Niesner
ABA’s Chief Learning Officer Maria Perillo with Busuu’s CEO Bernhard Niesner

What did ABA participate in?

ABA was invited to take part in the E-learning panel alongside the CEO and founder of Busuu, Bernhard Niesner, as well as the Latin American representative from Duolingo, Angela Romero. On our behalf, our very own Chief Learning Officer took part in the E-learning panel, explaining why the future of E-learning is so important and how it is shaping the way we study now and tomorrow.

As well as acknowledging the future of E-learning, Maria also wanted to stress that student-teacher contact still plays an important role to many students and is something that we must consider:

“The human factor is considered as an important component of the learning process, even if the process is online.”

Other developments…

Whilst representing ABA at the International Language Fair, Maria and Sol had the pleasure of sharing a platform with people who are as passionate about language teaching and learning as we are. Their marvellous work continued-even stretching as far as interviewing Andy Curtis, the President of TESOL.

What’s next…?

After such an important and exciting event in the world of language teaching and learning, ABA is looking forward to the future to make sure that we are always at the forefront of E-learning, ensuring that we always take students’ needs into account first and foremost.

ABA can’t wait to see what’s next and we hope that you can’t too! Stay tuned…



  1. This type international fair organized this type post very appreciable. People make the best decision for goes to fair and learn good Communication English.

  2. I think it’s necessary organize the conférences in the world because if we know learn strange languages we can communicate and speak about a peace and another things very importand in a planet .

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