ABA English-First Online Academy for Cambridge BULATS

What a week it’s been for ABA English! Last week the online English academy with more than 8 million students signed a deal with Cambridge University to become an official examiner of the Business Language Testing Service (BULATS)

The BULATS exam is done online and is designed to test workplace English as well as training professionals in their linguistic ability. The BULATS exam uses an official evaluation system which certifies students to the level of English that they have reached. Generally, most businesses want their staff to have gained at least a B2 level of English

The BULATS exam tests the four linguistic skills: reading , speaking, writing and listening as well as including practical exercises and tasks which are based on real work situations. It’s because of that that the exam fits in so well with ABA English’s teaching methodology which covers 6 levels from A1-C1. ABA’s own natural method was designed to offer intuitive and practical learning online or from your mobile.

ABA’s teaching is based on short, high-quality videos which focus on immersing the student in daily real life British and American situations, focusing more on the content rather than the form. By doing this, the language follows the natural progression: first you understand, then you speak and then later you learn to write and understand grammar.

Both Cambridge University and ABA English were very happy to have signed the deal with Cambridge’s own Robin Gravina saying:

“We’re delighted to incorporate ABA English into our network of centres offering the BULATS”

Remember that if you are serious about improving your level of English, you can sign up to ABA English for a free trial to see how the course works. What are you waiting for? See how much English you can learn!

Start free ABA English trial
Start free ABA English trial


  1. Congratulations!!! ABA English. I’m not astonishing because you are one of the best online school to learn this language.

    • George Talbot

      Hi Stella,

      Thanks for your comment about the app. Very good luck to you in your studies. If you need anything, you know where we are. 🙂

  2. Yes, ABA is the BEST the word.
    PD: Interesting and it. would be perfect if you could include face to face interactions between student and teachers at least once a week to review lessons.
    Regards/Frederich Rinaldi G.

    • George Talbot

      Hi Frederich,

      Thank you very much for your comment. We are constantly working to ensure our course is the best it can be. Keep an eye on it to see if we can include this feature in the future.

      Good luck with your English studies 🙂

  3. Hi kate! ‘The dog barks at him.’ Can we change this sentence into passive voice?

  4. ‘The dog barks at him.’ Can we change this sentence into passive voice?

  5. ‘The dog barks at him.’Can we change this sentece into passive voice?

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