Learn English with the News: “Orchids in New York”


Everyone loves flowers, right? Especially orchids, they are so beautiful! This news item is all about these flowers blooming in New York. Ready to listen to the news in English?

1. Read the text
2. Understand the vocabulary
3. Watch the news


Orchids are in full bloom again at the New York Botanical Garden for the 12th Annual Orchid Show, where visitors can come in from the cold and lap up the flowers’ beauty and fragrance.

– They have the reputation of being not only wild, exotic, expensive, rare and they’ve been celebrated throughout history for these reasons.

Marc Hachadourian is the curator of orchids at the botanical garden and he says the biggest challenge coordinating the show is getting all the flowers to bloom at the same time.

– Knowing each type of orchid, knowing the types and conditions that it needs to sort of either speed up, or slow down those flower buds from developing, is where that timing comes into play.

The orchid is one of the largest known flowering plant families and the exhibition boasts thousands of them. So if you’d like to escape the icy temperatures and be dazzled by beauty, then head to the Bronx for the Orchid Show from March 1st through April 21st.


512fd2f8d12be.preview-620Bloom – a time period in which a plant has many open flowers.

Lap up – enjoy.

Fragrance – a pleasant and usually sweet smell.

Reputation – the common opinion that people have about someone or something : the way in which people think of someone or something.

Rare – not common or usual : not often done, seen, or happening.

Curator – a person who is in charge of the things in a museum, zoo, etc..

Speed up – make something go faster.

Buds – a small part that grows on a plant and develops into a flower, leaf, or new branch.

Icy – covered with ice.

Boasts – to express too much pride in yourself or in something you have, have done, or are connected to in some way.

Dazzled – to greatly impress or surprise (someone) by being very attractive or exciting.


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