5 Special ways to say “Good luck”

We all love a bit of luck in our lives, don’t we? Well, as it turns out in English, there are many different ways of wishing someone “good luck” so let’s take a look at a few different expressions!

Break a leg

Although this expression may sound very strange it is commonly used to wish someone good luck before they do something.

I’m performing at the globe theatre tomorrow evening.

Break a leg, I’m sure you’ll do great!

Knock them dead

Another strange expression, possibly even stranger than the previous is the expression “knock them dead”. It can be used in the same way as “break a leg” although it can mean “to really impress someone” or “good luck.”

We are playing against Barcelona junior football club tomorrow, I’m nervous!

Don’t worry Kevin, knock them dead!

Keep your fingers crossed

This expression is used to express both luck and hope, depending on the situation or context

we may say:

My father is in hospital and he is not doing well.

Just keep your fingers crossed that he will be OK.


I have a big maths exam tomorrow, I hope I pass!

Fingers crossed!

May the force be with you

An informal and humorous way of saying “good luck” in English. “May the force be with you” was used in the Star Wars films to wish a person or group good luck when they were about to embark on a challenging journey or take part in a challenging situation. It became famous in the English language after that.

I have an 18 hour flight to Australia tomorrow.

May the force be with you, I hope you make it there safely!

Blow them away

Used in much the same way as “knock them dead”, this phrase is often used to wish someone good luck before taking part in a performance or act of some sort.

I’m singing in the talent competition this weekend.

Blow them away Kim, you have a great voice!

We are sure you’ll knock everyone dead with your level of English…

Well everyone, there we have it! Another action packed post, full of new and exciting ways for you to express yourself in English. We hope that you incorporate these into your English to increase your level of vocabulary and expressions! Remember that in addition to the ABA Journal, you can also register as an ABA student for free which will give you free access to many more materials including 144 video classes from beginner to advanced level.

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