ABA Films – Vocabulary Game – Fill in the missing word!

Today we want to play a listening and vocabulary game with you!

At the start of each unit in our course you will watch an ABA Film. This short movie is the starting point of the unit and contains the grammar and vocabulary you will learn in the other sections. By watching a real life situation, it will be easier for you to understand the content and it will intuitively arouse your natural instinct to learn English.

So… what’s the game about? Well, you will watch the ABA Film 25 and listen to the conversation between Helen and her friend Julia. Helen secretly tells her friend how she and her husband are making all their money.

This ABA Film is a Lower Intermediate level and covers the verb “to have” in the affirmative.

Ok, let’s play!

1. Watch the ABA Film Unit 25
2. Fill in the missing words in the dialogue below!

ABA Film 25


Below is the ABA Film dialogue. But some of the words have disappeared!

Listen to the film carefully, as many times as you need, and tell us what those missing words are.

– You have a lovely ______, Julia.

– Thank you, Helen. I’m like my mother. We’re “home-lovers”.

– And you have a a very nice garden with a big swimming-pool!

– Yes, I love ______ and green grass. I also like to swim because it’s good for my ______.

– For the moment, we only have a flat with a TV, but we plan to buy a house.

– Does your husband have a good job now?

– Yes he does. At last, George has a very ______ business and he earns a lot of money.

– What kind of business does he have?

– He manufactures fruit-machines for ______ and bars in the town.

– Is it his own business?

– Yes. He invents all the games and ______ the machines. He has a lot of talent.

– And is it a good business?

– The business isn’t bad, but we make a lot of money because I play on all the machines he sells. I know all the tricks, so I always win.

– Oh, that’s ______.

– No, it’s simple. He’s the salesman and I’m the ______.

– Oh, what a good combination!

– Yes, it’s perfect, but don’t tell anybody.

– Don’t worry, I won’t.

– We will soon be able to buy a house like yours. We will invite you for ______.

– Great! I look forward to it.

Did you guess all the words correctly? Share them with us in the comments’ below!

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