The Voice

Hello everyone!

How are you today?

We would like to remind you, this lovely Monday morning, to listen to the voice you have inside.

the voie

When it comes to knowing what is best for you, listen to what your inner voice has to say.

On the journey to making our dreams come true we are met with many voices. They come from our family and friends, strangers, experts, associates, partners, and ourselves.

Especially ourselves. We tell ourselves we can’t do this, we will never learn, we will never be able to make our dream a reality. This is when you must listen to the voice of wisdom inside you. The one that will always support you, the one that believes in you.

This is very important when we are learning a new language. It is hard at first and so easy to think we will never become fluent. But with a little bit of effort and perseverance, you will.

Believe this!

Have you ever doubted yourself?


Whisper – to speak very softly or quietly.

Preacher – a person who speaks publicly about religious subjects in a Christian church or other public place.

Wise – having or showing wisdom or knowledge usually from learning or experiencing many things.

Perseverance – the quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even though it is difficult.

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