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Reading Comprehension: Woman rower conquers Indian Ocean

Learn English with aba english reading sportA biologist from Rutland has become the first woman to row solo across the Indian Ocean.

Sarah Outen, a biologist of 24 years old, set off from the west coast of Australia in April and arrived at the island of Mauritius on Monday evening.

Wow! That’s a great example of courage, spirit of adventure and great ability to sit for a long time! I tried rowing and I can assure you it is quite hard for such a long time!

Would you dare to do something like this?  What is the wildest adventure you have had?
Upon her arrival on shore crowds lined up to welcome her as a local boat guided her to the island after 124 days at sea.

Ms.  Outen said it was “an astonishing experience“.
By the way who can say without looking at the dictionary what “an astonishing experience” means?
Hey!!! No cheating!!!

After arriving on Mauritius, Ms. Outen said,  “It’s beautiful out there and it’s been really exciting seeing the elements in their good and bad states.”

“In the last days I’ve had whales surfing past the boat and albatrosses flying overhead.”
It sounds amazing! Are you going to use your Summer holiday to go on an adventure as well?

What would you like to try if anything was possible?

Enjoy your summer and all your adventures whatever they are!

Have fun, enjoy the sun and practice your English!


  1. I would like to do some wild adventure or extreme in my next vacation.

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