Reading Comprehension: “The Decision – Chapter 12”


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Chapter 12 – Circumstances

It was the first time someone had pointed a gun at him, and he was amazed at how comfortable he felt. He accepted the possibilities of the circumstances. He felt like he was starring in a movie he had seen recently.

But one mistaken word, one false move, and he could die for no reason, in the name of  a Mike that wasn’t him. He should have been petrified by the idea, it should have made him want to run away… maybe go back home?

Mike, however, didn’t feel the need to do so, he had no intention of changing the circumstances of his new life. An immense and strange beauty had opened itself up to him and the only thing he wanted to do was observe, to keep looking into the eyes of this unknown woman, in that room, in a city he didn’t know.

“Let’s go”, he answered confidently, “let’s go now”.


4600138695_6537b5eb59Pointed – clearly directed toward a particular person or group.

Circumstances – a condition or fact that affects a situation.

Mistaken – not correct : incorrect or wrong.

False – based on mistaken ideas.

Petrified – very afraid or frightened of something : unable to move or act because you are afraid.

Immense – very great in size or amount.

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