Reading Comprehension: “The Decision – Chapter 11”

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The Decision – Going somewhere

It was one of the most sublime and exciting moments of his life.

Mike found himself zoning out of reality. When what he had imagined came to happen, just as he had predicted, he felt as though his body had become transparent. He no longer occupied any space, he was made of space. What surrounded him was also inside him, and to see the world outside, all he had to look at was inside himself.

The woman held the weapon. It was a small revolver, half the size of the toy guns Mike had played with as a child. When she turned towards him she lifted her arm.

Mike saw her hand shaking.

“I can’t do it”, she said. “I don’t do these things. Ask me to put it away and I will, but we need to go now”.

“Go where?”, asked Mike.


feet_walkingSublime – very beautiful or good : causing strong feelings of admiration or wonder.

Zoning Out – to stop paying attention because you are tired, bored, etc.

Weapon – something (such as a gun, knife, club, or bomb) that is used for fighting or attacking someone or for defending yourself when someone is attacking you.

Revolver – a small gun with a container for bullets that turns after the gun is fired and puts another bullet into position to be fired next.

Shaking – to move sometimes violently back and forth or up and down with short, quick movement.

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